• Talent & Experience

    We have assembled a team over the past 20 years that works together with the same vision of great design and great workmanship. That includes a team of talented and award winning Architects, Interior Designers, Craftsman and Clients.

    Integrity & Value

    We put our reputation for integrity, craftsmanship and value to work for you.  We work with a wide range of budgets without compromising design excellence or quality workmanship, and with enduring home value as our goal.

    Home Gallery

    The final evidence of our unwavering commitment to excellence is apparent in the houses we build.  But ultimately, we know that we are creating homes.  We invite you to view our Photo Galleries and imagine your family in our beautiful homes…

Welcome to Woods Edge Properties

As you begin to plan one of the most important purchases you will make in your life – your future home – the first most important decision is who will build that dream home. We at Woods Edge Properties are here to make that dream come true!

Builder Jim Fox’ personal pride and his team’s dedication to the homebuilding craft is your assurance of a carefully built home and a lasting investment.

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