We believe great homes start with great design, and building a home should be a seamless process. We have assembled a team over the past 20 years that works together with the same vision in mind. That includes a team of talented and award winning Architects, Interior Designers, Craftsman and Clients.

As important as the design element is to a great home, it is only through quality construction that the value of a home can be enduring. We build each home with the idea that our clients may want it to be handed down to future generations like a fine watch or work of art.

Ultimately a home must function the way you and your family want it to from the very first day you move in. And that’s why we love doing custom work. To get it just the way you want it, to get it perfect, undoubtedly takes technical skill but it also takes something more – it takes an intangible. And that intangible is the relationship that exists between the client and builder much like a partnership or marriage. For our part in achieving the intangible, you can expect us to communicate proactively, have a patient disposition and possess an unwavering commitment to integrity.

Our Edge

Our Experience – Master Builder, Jim Fox has been building homes on Long Island for 20 years. To ensure his exacting standards are met, Jim is personally in the field overseeing every job and will accept no more than 4 projects per year.

Our Balance Sheet

We are debt free and our land holdings sit on our books as unencumbered assets. Our Fort Knox balance sheet allows us to accept as little as 10% down to start your custom home; with the remaining 90% due at closing. Unheard of in the custom world!

Our strong financial position also gives us a Quality Edge because we have the breathing room to always do things the “right” way and we never cut corners.

Our Commitment

Jim Fox is dedicated to his craft and takes immense pride in each hand-crafted home he and his team of artisans builds.

Our Value

Once your site is chosen and home designed we commit to a price for your new custom home, it’s a fixed, firm price. We pride ourselves for being on time and within budget. That is why many of our clients are repeat customers.

Ultra-Efficient Operating Structure

Glitzy office space, teaming with staff means big overhead. And big overhead means big prices – especially in new construction. Our goal is to deliver our new homes with embedded value where our client has received at least 20% more house than what they paid for.


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